Violence Against Women

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Violence Against Women
Hypothesis: Is society doing enough to stop domestic violence against women?
Society is NOT doing enough to stop domestic violence against women because about one out of every two women every year is abused in anyway (sexual assault/rape, battering/physical violence, emotional/verbal abuse, stalking, sexual harassment, human trafficking, etc.) Even though there is awareness than there was in the past decades about preventing violence against women, the crime is still continued today in society. Domestic Violence is when spouses, intimate partners or dates use physical violence, sexual abuse, threats, emotional abuse, harassment, or stalking to control the behavior of their partners, they are committing domestic
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Women are often stalked so their stalkers can control and scare them; this is common in relationships that have ended.
Sexual Harassment
Sexual Harassment involves unwanted sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other unwanted explicit, offensive, and intimidating sexual conduct. Sexual harassment can either be physical for example, touching, hugging, stroking without consent, or standing too close and brushing up against a person without consent; Verbal for example using and saying offensive words and comments, asking sexual personal questions, or whistling at someone; Non-verbal (body-language involved) for example suggestive looks, or making sexual gestures through body movements; Or environmental for example, sexually suggestive pictures or objects displayed that depict women as "sex objects," and offend people.
Human trafficking
Human trafficking is one of the most violent and troubling topics towards women that is made unaware to the public. it is trading in humans, mostly women and girls for the purpose of threating the victims and forcing them into prostitution, sexual exploitation, forced labor, and harm to their bodies (ex. Stealing their organs and experimenting on them.) And because women are viewed as unintelligent, inferior, and vulnerable, they are more exploited.
Society encourages Men to disrespect Women, and for Women to be disrespected through stereotypical Gender roles and the Media.
Men are encouraged to be supreme and dominate
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