Violence Against Women Within The Family

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Violence against women within the family is an ongoing issue. Marital rape is a very serious form of intimate violence. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the definition for marital rape is defined as, “sexual intercourse forced on a women by her husband, knowingly against her will.” (Oxford University Press). However, the legal definition varies from state to next; marital rape is commonly defined as unwanted penetration or intercourse (oral, anal, or vaginal) taken by force and/or threat of force when a wife does not give consent (Roberts and Roberts). Research on the topic of marital rape has generally included couples who are separated, legally married, divorces, or have been involved in long-term relationships.
It has been estimated that between 7-25% of married women have experienced rape in their marital relationships at least once (Munge, Pomerantz and Pettibone). Rape by one’s intimate partner is actually one of the most common types of sexual assault. Women who are assaulted by their partners may be at particularly high risk for sexual violence (Munge, Pomerantz and Pettibone).
Catherine Mackinnon states that laws, particularly laws about sexual harassment and rape, are a reflection of male authority where women are inferior to men and robbed of power (McMahon-Howard, Clay-Warner and Renzulli). She also states that men created laws to reflect that in the social system and in turn, has immortalized women’s subordination.
Marital raped victims have not
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