Violence Against Women 's Violence

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Violence against women is considered as violence which is physically enforced for example physical assault, use of weapons and death. People tend to limit their thinking that a woman only has physical effects of violence against her, they don’t know how a woman is abused sexually, psychologically, a woman’s isolation from the society and the social psychological abuse she faces. The UN defines gender violence as “act of damage which can be physical, sexual and psychological with prior intention. Depriving liberty, threatening and coercion is also included” (Campbell, 2009).
These vicious practices incorporate four perspectives: a) the control of developments of ladies or confining their entrance to data or help (avoid study or work, monetary control, and so on.), and in addition segregation from family or companions and other social connections; b) sex without assent or constrained; c) mental misuse, terrorizing, disdain and embarrassment out in the open or private, and d) physical demonstrations of hostility (eg. pushing, squeezing, slapping, hitting, beatings, kicking, etc.) (Campbell, 2009).

Consequences of abuse in the health of women
During the eighties and nineties, many researches have been conducted showing that the fact of being subjected to a violent relationship has grave long and short term consequences on the health of the woman. The battered woman has many physical and psychosomatic symptoms, symptoms of psychological distress (decreased self - esteem, anxiety…
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