Violence And Sexual Abuse At The Health Care Agencies

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Violence is defined as: “The use of physical force intended to hurt, to kill someone or something, to damage or to harm someone”. It is a major public health and human rights problem that often goes unrecognized and unreported. It is a common source of physical, psychological, and emotional morbidity that occurs in all communities, regardless of social, economic, religious, or cultural group. There are different types of violence and abuse such as homicide, school violence, intimate partner violence, child abuse, elder abuse, sexual abuse etc.… but this presentation will mostly emphasize on women violence, especially on intimate partner violence. Although women can be violent in relationship with men, the overwhelming burden of partner violence is considered by women at the hands of men. Violence against women becomes a growing problem accepted as a normal behavior. As part of the community, nurses play a major role in assessing women suffering some type of violence when visiting the health care agencies as they come in contact with violence and sexual abuse no matter what health care setting they work in. This topic will mostly describe the characteristics of intimate partner violence, the risk factors, the screening process and the necessary interventions to reduce morbidity and mortality it in our communities. Because nurses are considered to be trustworthy and sensitive about very personal subjects, women often feel comfortable confiding in them and discussing

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