Violence And Sexual Assault And Violence Against Women

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Throughout history especially within recent years there has been a major rise of sexual assault and violence against women. This is prevalent within college campuses, within work, the military, within family households and nearly all parts of society there is no getting away from it. It is truly a shame and a wretched part of society. However, this needs to be brought to light. This can no longer be avoided and society needs to come together as a whole, in order to stop this. Throughout this essay we are going to go over the statistical background of violence and sexual assault towards women, sexual assault on college campuses, the emotional abuse of those affected, and why Victims don't come forward. Then a step-by-step breakdown of how we can rid society from these unacceptable acts of violence and sexual assault towards woman. Before exploring the deeper aspects of violence and sexual assault towards woman, it’s important to have a historical foundation and statistics.
Background -statistics
Within the United states the National Sexual violation and resource center has conducted in-depth statistics pertaining to sexual violence. These Statistics indicate that one in five woman will be raped within their life time(NSVRC). If this isn’t evident enough that that our society is having a major problem, then compare it to one in 71 men are raped at some point in their life(NSVRC). Although many of us believe that within our own sanctuaries at home and at work that they
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