Violence And Violence Among Children

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Introduction While the rate of crime in the United States has decreased overall an increase in senseless violence being committed by young people leaves individuals trying to understand what is to blame. “It is encouraging that the rate of crimes of violence in the United States has dropped about 15 percent since 1999. However, self-reported violent offending by American youth has not declined.” (Funk et al. 1) Work place violence, road rage disputes and mass school shootings are just a few examples of violence that has become common place in society. Adolescent perpetrating violent crimes has been on the rise as is evident with the number of shootings and physical altercations in recent years. Many have tried to identify what is causing this increase in violence among children. The growing problem of violence and aggressive behavior in society is speculated to be credited in part to the rise of violent video games.
Over the past few decades the average person’s daily routine has changed drastically through the rapid development and advancements in technology. Most people living today can remember a time when not every person had a cell phone and smartphones sounded more like science fiction than a reality. As technology has made advancements the world of entertainment and the way people spend their free time has changed. One sector that has seen drastic improvements is that of the world of video games. The interaction levels, intricacies, complexity and…
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