Violence Begets Violence

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Right now at this very moment you can turn your TV on and watch just about anything that you want to, this also means so can your children. Do you know how much violence is being broadcasted through the media just today? Do you understand how this is affecting your child? Do you know that from birth to age 25 their brain is growing, and there are these neurons, "mirror neurons" that teach us to imitate what we see? What if it was your child who went to school with a gun? What if it was your child who was shot by a class mate? I believe that we as a country should force the media to limit the amount of violence that is being viewed by the public. Not just for ourselves but also for our children. As a member of the United States Military I …show more content…
Joanne H Steward and Franco Follina (2006) say that literature review has discussed evidence on the impact of exposure to violence on aggressive and inappropriate behavior. The review has provided mainly evidence that exposure to media violence affects a person's behavior negatively and has been noted to have a detrimental effect on pro-social behavior, both in the long and short term. So not only are we is the media contributing to violence in children, but it can also affect them in adulthood. This shows that violence is the affecting factor. They why are we not willing to change? Why has the system stayed the same for so very long? If violence is making our society change for the worst then why can we not change for the better?
Science says that our brain is growing and learning new things from birth to 25 years of age. During the time I have spent researching this topic I have learned a catch phrase from scientists around the world. Money see Monkey do. And in V.S. Ramachandrans article Mirror Neurons and the Brain in a Vat. He states that They found that

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