Violence Brought by Violence

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“See, people with power understand exactly one thing: violence” (Chomsky). The history of the world is full of blood, greed, and violence. There has only been wars instigated by the rich, powerful and greedy. Violence often lead to more violence which will cause pain everywhere or somewhere in this world (Solter). Just as Issac Asimov once said, “Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent” but things tend to heat up and move up to the next level. Violence, especially in wars, only leads to further violence due to many different elements, especially vengeance, political and economic greed. Beowulf, the bravest of all warriors, set sail to the distant land of the Danes. He heard of the terror that came upon the kingdom and he went in …show more content…
Similarly in Beowulf, alliances is what instigated the battle. Because Beowulf had close relations with the Danish, he felt it was somewhat a duty of his to aid Hrothgar. The second battle of Beowulf was fought because Grendel’s mother wanted to avenge her son’s death. She felt it was unfair. She left the deep lake in which she resided in and started toward Herot. That night, Beowulf had celebrated with the Danish and was rewarded greatly. It was a pleasant time and Beowulf started thinking about heading back to Geatland. That night, however, everything changed. Grendel’s mother came at night and started a massacre. She killed many warriors and Danish and carried away Hrothgar’s advisor with her to her lair, forcing Beowulf to confront her. Beowulf followed in suit and left to fight Grendel’s mother. He insisted on being alone, and journeyed to the lake to swim downwards for many hours. All of a sudden Beowulf was snatched by Grendel’s mother. The other Danish warriors that had come to wait for Beowulf had lost hope and left, thinking he had been defeated. Beowulf was in a heated battle with Grendel’s mother. The sword he had been given, Hrunting, was said to be the second greatest sword in all the lands. As he swung his sword to slash Grendel’s mother, it broke. The sword could not penetrate her scaly and tough membrane. Beowulf seemed to have lost all hope when he saw the sword on the

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