Violence, Crime, And Violence

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In a neighborhood filled with hate, crime, and violence Troy, a 17 year old boy from the cold hard streets of North Philadelphia is just trying to make a name for himself and become the first athlete to make it big out of his neighborhood. His mother is very sick but keeps it hidden from him because Troy has big dreams to be recruited by a D-1 school and very close to make it out of the streets of north philly.Mind you no one has ever made it out of these streets, They’ve either been killed or thrown in jail. But Troy wants to overlook those statistics and rise of all the hate and make it to the NBA. The only way Troy gets away from all the violence and crimes is by playing basketball. It is his passion, he attends Barton high school and plays starting point guard for the Barton high warriors. He is the only freshman to ever average a double-double and lead the team in scoring . Unlike anybody else that lived in Troy’s neighborhood he was the only it seemed like with potential. He was being looked at by many top colleges for a full scholarship to play basketball. Troy hadn’t had many friends except one who he was close to since he was in kindergarten, Jacob Watson him and Troy were best friends and had nearly been through everything together . Jacob was 6’2 , brown hair, and a very distinctive scar above his right eye where he claimed to have fallen but everyone already knew what went on at home with his step-father. Jacob wasn’t a bad kid , he did pretty…

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