Violence In Brazil

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Over the past few years, studies and research have shown a tremendous increase in the amount of crime in several Brazilian states. Millions of people are currently affected by an uncontrollable swarm of violence that spreads across the country from north to south, and now see a long way ahead as major police and military forces face one of the worst, sizable economic catastrophes in history. In northeastern Brazil, where the violence rate nearly doubles each year, "Alagoas state has seen a great increase in crime rate, with a record annual killing of 2,000 people… a big difference if compared to a city like São Paulo" (Bevins). Alagoas, in fact, is the most violent state in the country, with an astonishing homicide rate of 64.6 per 100,000…show more content…
As these matters have worsened and those convicted have been set free from jail, weapon use in Brazilian society has augmented to an alarming rate, at approximately 42,000 only killed by guns, out of the appalling 56,000 murders recorded at the time. Unfortunately, with a death toll comparable to one of the most hazardous civil wars in human history, the shocking results leave Brazilian citizens on edge of what the future awaits at their front doorstep. In the same way, there are many other reasons accounted for the increase in violence, also regarding the infamous Rio favelas. The city, home to more than six million inhabitants, is one of the most visited places around the world, best known for its soccer stadiums, breathtaking sceneries, and warm beaches that fill each tourist's face with excitement. However, these unforgettable events are being permanently interrupted by the devastating violence that currently scatters throughout the city's boundaries, with the "continued prevalence of the drug trade and violent gangs in certain neighborhoods, corruption and poor training among police forces and incompetence prevailing the court systems" (Bevins). In fact, as far as drug trafficking goes, it has been pointed to be one of the major leading causes for the increase in…show more content…
Before the 2016 Rio Olympic Games starts, many people have been complaining about the deplorable safety across the country, which is leading to an uncontrollable increase in the death toll. In fact, the mass media declares, about three months prior to the beginning of the event, that the Olympic Games will be cancelled due to "resource inefficiency", but things soon head — to a promising start. At the end of July, "as the Olympics are near its commencement, Rio is supplied with 85,000 security forces to ensure city tourists and its citizens are kept safe while the event is hosted" (Kaiser and Jacobs). The appearance of military soldiers encompassing Rio's surroundings mostly surprise Brazilian people who are not only concerned about getting robbed by dangerous criminals, but also are on the lookout of a potential terrorist attack directed by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). In major sporting events like the Olympics and the World Cup, safety from military forces is absolutely necessary so as to ensure tourists and thousands of others enjoy their time being there. How would the entire American Women's Gymnastics Team react if they are subject to an unprecedented series of robberies during their stay in Rio? Would Brazil feel embarrassment for allowing such grotesque occurrence to happen
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