Violence In California

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While California is known for its beautiful weather and Silicon Valley culture, it is also known for the high levels of gang violence endemic in the state’s inner cities. Read on to learn which cities in California are the safest and suffer from the least violent crime.


California has long been viewed as the land of opportunity, beautiful weather, and even more beautiful people. However, regular news viewers also know that California has a long history of gang warfare and drug-related violence in the inner cities, a culture which make some California cities like Stockton, Oakland, and Richmond some of the most dangerous areas in the nation, with murder and violent crime rates that rival major cities in the third world.

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Each city included in the list had a violent crime rate below 1 crime per 1,000 people and 20 out of 25 cities on this list had zero murders in 2015.

All data from the is article was gathered from the 2015 FBI Crime Report statistics, excluding cites with less than 10,000 residents. All violent crime data was then calculated per thousand residents. Each city description includes the violent crime rate per thousand residents, the city’s overall population, number of murders, number of total violent crime, and rank on the 2014 FBI Crime Report list.

List of California’s Safest
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Violent Crime Rate: .58
Population: 31,239
Murders: 1
Total Violent Crime: 18
2014 Rank: 13th

16. Lincoln
Violent Crime Rate: .6
Population: 46,663
Murders: 0
Total Violent Crime: 28
2014 Rank: 19th

17. Foster City
Violent Crime Rate: .6
Population: 33,313
Murders: 1
Total Violent Crime: 20
2014 Rank: 28th

18. Calabasas
Violent Crime Rate: .61
Population: 24,505
Murders: 0
Total Violent Crime: 15
2014 Rank: 25th

19. Canyon Lake
Violent Crime Rate: .63
Population: 11,112
Murders: 0
Total Violent Crime: 7
2014 Rank: 36th

20. Murrieta
Violent Crime Rate: .63
Population: 109,495
Murders: 0
Total Violent Crime: 69
2014 Rank: 46th

21. Aliso Viejo
Violent Crime Rate: .63
Population: 50,751
Murders: 0
Total Violent Crime: 32
2014 Rank: 3rd

22. Eastvale
Violent Crime Rate: .69
Population: 57,808
Murders: 0
Total Violent Crime: 40
2014 Rank: Unranked

23. Agoura Hills
Violent Crime Rate: .72
Population: 20,970
Murders: 0
Total Violent Crime: 15
2014 Rank: 30th

24. Laguna Niguel
Violent Crime Rate: .74
Population: 66.035
Murders: 2
Total Violent Crime: 49
2014 Rank: 11th

25. Carpinteria
Violent Crime Rate: .8
Population: 13,829
Murders: 0
Total Violent Crime: 11
2014 Rank:
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