Violence In Collegiate Sports

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One issue that has impacted the landscape of collegiate sports is the current situation at Baylor University. Athletes, specifically football players have been accused of acts of sexual violence. This is a big problem but not where the controversy ends. Art Briles, head football coach, Ian McCaw, athletic director, and Ken Starr, president of the university, have all resigned for their roles in failing to investigate allegations of misconduct. The biggest issue as a sports manager is that the people in positions of power at the Baylor all failed to fully investigate allegations of sexual violence against football players for the university. In multiple instances, Baylor failed to comply with federal laws and regulations. Baylor took more…show more content…
The school and athletic department has to deal with a potential loss of income and a void in leadership. I would be concerned about the potential loss of sponsorships, decrease of attendance and merchandise sales, and fines. Outside of the athletic department, the school might see a decrease numbers for incoming freshman classes and the scandal could cause transfers from the student body. Leadership issues also will arise, there is a void in upper management from the head football coach, athletic director, and president of the university all resigning from the fallout. It was necessary to move on as a school, the former leaders failed the safety of the student body in favor of saving the football team. Even though the leaders during the scandal have left the university, the school will have to deal with a lack of trust in school…show more content…
The school needs to show that it has learned from past mistakes and takes serious allegations of sexual violence, by instituting a zero tolerance policy the school makes that clear. With more Title IX staff, Baylor implements policies for equal treatment of men and women on campus. The school was behind in handling the media attention and scrutiny, a outside company would help curtail any backlash in the future. The community needs to see that the football players are not all bad guys, community service is a great way to give back and allow the public to interact with the people behind the helmet. Admitting the university’s failure allows Baylor to try and move on to begin a chapter in the school’s
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