Violence In Schools Has Been A Social Problem For A Long

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Violence in schools has been a social problem for a long time, but only recently has this problem come to light. When there was a male bully, teachers and parents would say, boys will be boys so there was no harm there. There has always harmed when someone gets hurt, emotionally or physically. Getting called names or even getting punched, they both the same and that’s what happens when violence goes into schools. Violence in school is a social problem because it does not just involve children fighting children anymore, but teachers yelling or pulling down children and now with so many security at schools now security guards are getting violent towards children now too. Schools should be a safe haven for children, but now schools have…show more content…
E., Rose, W. H., Homa, J., & Cunningham, A. B. (2001)). The second article researched school and violence by media coverage of isolated acts of violence committed by students for school property has increased concern about school violence. Reports documenting higher levels of school violence in the face of a general decline in crime rates, together with several high-profile cases, have resulted in a reactive preventive security response ((Thompkins, D. E. (2000)). Congress has passed several initiatives aimed at reducing levels of school violence. Gangs and gang activity within our nation 's schools are often linked to increased levels of school violence, but little explanation has been offered for this increase. Greater security measures have been taken by school administrations in response to the problem, and, while these may reduce levels of school violence in some communities, they can also help to perpetuate a culture of fear that has been created by intense media coverage of such violence. The third article that I found that studied school and violence would by explores gender violence in schools in what is commonly known as the ‘developing world’ through a review of recent research written in English. Violence in the school setting has only
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