Violence In Schools Is A Big Social Issue That Occurs Almost

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Violence in schools is a big social issue that occurs almost everyday throughout the United States. There is no way to tell when it is going to happen, but when it does, people need to be prepared. This violence leads to devastating effects on the students, teachers, and families of these kids. Some violence that occurs within the schools across the United States include physical, mental, or sexual abuse, theft, vandalism, and, the most common form, fighting and bullying. One form of violence within schools that doesn’t come to mind right away though, is gun violence. Going to a smaller school in a smaller community, this wasn’t a big concern, but it can happen within any school, anywhere.

Gun violence, not just within schools, but
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While the concern is understandable parents should not be afraid to send their kids to school worried that something like this will happen. By doing this parents can actually harm the mental health of their children.

It is also wondered if schools bring about the victimization or if it is brought into them from outside sources. A study was performed to assess the extent to which high school kids felt threatened or victimized by a threat or an actual attack using a gun. An anonymous, volunteer survey of 1653 students of both genders was taken inside a high school. 23% of the the student’s were categorized as victims. Therefore, those students have a higher risk of victimization than students who didn’t fit into this category. Some factors that played a role in predicting the levels of victimization were gender and if they were involved in violent actions outside of school. It is concluded that violence is brought into the school rather than being provoked or produced by the school.

Children can have psychological effects due to gun violence, both short and long term. Those exposed to the violence can have effects such as anger, posttraumatic stress disorder, withdrawals, and desensitization to violence. (Garbarino et al., 2002). Exposure of gun violence to children, especially those who have been injured due to it, those who have witnessed it, or those who experience it quite often within the schools are at a greater risk for those negative
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