Violence In The Film 'Made Man' By Tony Bennett

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this shot we see Billy Bates lying in the boot of Henry Hills car from a high angled shot with Jimmy, Tommy and Henry standing over him. This shows How Billy is in a weak position, thus making him inferior to his murders even though he’s a “made man”, someone who is meant to be untouchable. His face completely covered in blood and wrapped in white tablecloths. This gives the effect of making Billy look as though he is dressed in robes which is religious symbolism comparing him to figures such as Mother mary; giving him the effect of looking innocent, which makes the murder harder to watch as the viewer no sympathise with Billy. In this scene we also hear Billy say “no, no, no” before seeing Tommy say “ Die, Die, Die” along with the non-diegetic sound of Tommy stabbing Billy. We then hear the non-diegetic sound of Jimmy Shooting Billy 3 times. The uses of non-diegetic sound is used to enhances the violence depicted so when Scorsese switches to a more nonchalant attitude towards violence, there is a greater contrast. This is then followed up by a voiceover by Henry Hill saying “As far back as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a gangster”, followed by “Rags to Riches” by Tony Bennett. The upbeat music gives the effect of contrasting the extreme violence depicted before, consequently further enforcing the nonchalant the attitude towards Bloodshed and brutality.
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