Violence In The Media

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Human beings are completely desensitized to violence due to the excessive amount of violence portrayed in the media. It is common to see murders, suicides and satanic rituals especially in today’s horror films. I’m guilty of finding most of these movies entertaining and I am not desensitized to any amount of violence I view. The media does not accurately portray images of the reality of crime-and-justice through the different forms of media and this is labeled as ‘’backwards law’’ of media, crime, and justice. (Surette, 2015.) The media also decides what factors in someone’s life they can enhance, and which they can downplay. For example, in the news, while talking about underage criminals, they will focus on the violence that they have participated,…show more content…
According to the FBI, murders only account one-sixth of 1 percent of all crimes, so why is violent crime in 90 percent of the entertainment we view? I suppose it is because most people do not want to watch films about property crimes and corporate organizations abusing their power. I believe most people are more entertained by the aspect of watching someone have their head sawed off. The only accurate portrayal in the media and in real life is the gender of the criminal, male. Women are off shown as being the victim and the men are of a higher social class and tend to be white. In real life though, these are not the types of people being arrested. In reality, the person being arrested in young and black (In the US). (Surette, 2015) Here in Canada, 23% of our prisons are filled with Aboriginals, but they are not the ones being portrayed as the criminals through entertainment outlets. Personally, I believe that the media loves to represent white people in their films, regardless of what it is about. Minorities do not have the same opportunity to be in films the same way as someone who is light skinned and from
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