Violence In Wuthering Heights Research Paper

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The Duality of Violence and Passivity in Relation to Environment in Wuthering Heights Characters in Wuthering Heights exemplify the effect of dual natures and the destructive impact such internal struggles can have on filial relations. The motives that drive the characters are inextricably linked to the warring forces inside them that are the impetus for the rash and ruinous actions that are common to both major households in the novel. Consequently, the prevalence of duality throughout the novel signifies the importance of a double nature in characterizing humanity. Catherine is the most relevant example of contradictory natures as they define her personality throughout her life. Therefore; in Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, the recurring…show more content…
As Isabella is in “the firm clutch of Catherine, (100)” it is clear that Catherine has not changed for the sake of her marriage and still harbors the same pull towards Heathcliff and forceful inclinations that she possessed at the Heights. At this point in her life, her struggle between passivity and violence is manifested in her feelings toward both Edgar and Heathcliff. She is inexplicably drawn to both of them and does not endeavor to choose between them because she finds them both integral to her survival. This results in dynamic changes that alter the Grange itself. While married to Edgar and living in Thrushcross Grange, an inhabitance that once seemed characterized by its peace, Catherine brings strife between the inhabitants, especially when she reunites with Heathcliff. Isabella and Edgar, who once represented the epitome of passivity, are drawn to violence at the intrusion of Heathcliff into their own home, as encouraged by Catherine. While the Lintons are products of Thrushcross Grange, Catherine exhibits control over their natures by drawing out violent actions from characters that are otherwise known for their frailty. This reveals that Isabella and Edgar exhibit this same duality and can be persuaded to reveal their violent tendencies because it is opposing forces are a defining aspect of humanity. As a result of…show more content…
Every point at Catherine’s life showed that, regardless of her ability to manipulate others, she ultimately could not control her own inconsistency nor could she accept it. Therefore, she serves to show that failing to overcome duality can be fatal because it is not environmentally driven part of the human
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