Violence Is A Common Behavior

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Violence has been a common behavior that has existed among the human race for as long as we have existed. It has swept across nations and has left desolation in its path. It has also caused the rise of countries, creating a rebirth of freedom and independence. Violence is a weapon that is wielded in both hands by too much power or too little. As said by Edward Bond, a playwright, “violence shapes and obsesses our society, and if we do not stop being violent we have no future.” In the culture of men, it is something that has to exist if masculinity is desired. In the culture of the world, violence exists to create change. While Fight Club and First Blood involve violence in unique and fluctuating forms, all the books and movies use it as a means for change.
Then, there is Fight Club. The narrator starts off as a uniform white collared business worker who is a consumer in every means. His apartment full of the most updated furnishings, all very materialistic items. He lives a disgruntled yet content life. He hates his boss, but chooses to deal with it in order to keep his job and earn salary. He lives a very normal life of an American citizen. But the second violence appears in his life, his whole world changes. Violence broke the narrator out of the continuous, repetitive lifestyle he was living. Violence was the golden door the narrator was craving for in order to break himself free of the complacent life he lived. The absolute destruction of his apartment created a domino
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