Violence Is Preventable And Extremely Imperative For Us Essay

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Violence is preventable and extremely imperative for us to detect the early signs of it. We need to take all prevention strategies for an account. For example, primary, secondary, and tertiary preventions are an appropriate approach for this matter. Dating violence is the topic that is going to be discussed in this reading. I decided to write about this topic because many people are in the dark when it comes to dating violence, and the substantial effects of it. Allow me the opportunity to expand your horizon on this particular topic. There have been quite a few cases where women press charges on their significant other after being battered in unhealthy relationships. I always hear about situations like this through the media never in real life. It’s sad to say that a very close friend of mind was one of those women in a vicious relationship. I thought to myself why would you continue to stay in an abusive relationship for so long. Some people (victim or perpetrator) believe abuse is normal; they grew up in abusive homes. Some individuals stay in abusive relationships for financial support. “Violence perpetrated against women by a male intimate partner is 10 times more likely than violence perpetrated against men by a female intimate partner”. I would like to learn methods that people can use to prevent a violent relationship, and if there are any psychological correlation on why people decide to stay in those unhealthy relationships. Bradshaw ,CP., Debnam ,KJ., Johnson

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