Violence Is The Athletic Roots Of The United States Of America 's Pastime

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Violence in the NFL Football is the athletic roots of the United States of America’s pastime. It’s part of the culture and history of this nation. It helped shape the way Americans watch sports today. But in today’s world the game has changed. It is changing this nation, and these players, both on and off the field. Concussions, on the field, have become a major commodity, and it raises the question of if it is really worth the risks of what can become of head injuries. Off of the field, there is also an up and coming problem and the NFL is taking a lot of heat for it. Domestic abuse cases are popping up left and right, involving NFL players. Maybe these cases are a coincidence, but maybe there is a relationship between the sport and domestic violence, with the NFL seeming to be the only sport facing this problem at this magnitude.
The NFL is watched and celebrated by around sixty percent of all Americans. It brings out some personalities in people that friends and family may not even recognize. Football brings about this mentality of masculinity, even among some of the female fans this attitude can be seen, football is the epitome of what it means to be a man. So if this is seen among fans of the game, could it possibly be worse for the players that are actually playing this game? Is there a correlation between the ideals of football and all of the domestic violence cases these NFL players are caught up in?
According to a poll conducted by USA Today and FiveThirtyEight,…

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