Violence Of Feeling Is What Causes The Destruction Of The

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Violence of feeling is what causes the destruction of the protagonists in George Gordon’s Manfred and Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility . A lack of propriety and a naïve notion of passion is what controls Marianne. When Marianne seeks to indulge in a relationship built on the idea of ‘passion’, she almost causes her complete destruction. Manfred, on the other hand, seeks his own destruction by allowing his incestual and narcissistic desire to control him. By allowing himself to engage in the incestual relationship with his sister, he is dictating his own destruction. Desire and passion are the driving attributes of the main characters I will discuss in this essay. Marianne has distinct ideas about passion and love, that it is…show more content…
Her and Willoughby are both extreme characters with extreme desires which they indulge in without caution for the consequences that may occur. Marianne understands her emotions, admitting that ‘had I died,¬- it would have been self-destruction’ proving that she revels in her own emotions to such an extent- she would have died from them. The emotion that she experienced was so intense it caused ‘self-destruction’. Both Marianne and Willoughby allow themselves to be controlled by their emotions, this is what draws them together. They feed of each other’s emotions and desires, creating a blaze which isn’t controlled. It’s only when Marianne stops indulging in Willoughby, and in the emotions, he causes, that she can control herself and recover. It is the excess of emotion that is the problem, rather than the feeling of emotion. Manfred’s version of love is based on the desire to possess. He lusts for what he shouldn’t want; an incestual relationship with his sister. Incest is an interesting desire as it is considered aberrant and unnatural in society. Manfred wants to possess the one thing that he is denied. He confesses his evils. ‘The deadliest sin to love as we have loved’ . Completely aware that what he desires and what he wants is ‘the deadliest sin’, yet he still indulges in his desire. Arguably the only reason that he desires his sister is, simply, because he shouldn’t desire her. He
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