Violence Prevention Programs in Health Zone 1

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Violence is a horrific form of anger, aggression and pain to so many in Duval County’s Health Zone 1. Health data shows that there is a high prevalence of violence in this Zone; it is obvious that many socio- economic factors may be exacerbating this. “Health Zone 1 has the highest rate of homicide in Duval County with 43.4 per 100,000 populations” (Duval County Health Department, 2008, pg. 8) It is the violence and risks for violence that unfortunately impacts the health of Zone 1 significantly and may be reduced through the use of effective community nursing interventions. According to Young and Woodcock (2011) early exposure, lack of education, poor socioeconomic status and child mistreatment are just a few of the many precursors to…show more content…
Health Zone 1 lacks the necessary community resources for individual families. Unfortunately, with the high unemployment rate and poor economic status in Health Zone 1 money for these community resources are not available. Often communities are separated by socioeconomic status. Some of the problems that can lead to poor economic status include increased levels of unemployment, poverty, decreased levels of economic opportunities and a lack of education (Browne, Salomon, Bassuk, 1999). Browne, Salomon, and Bassuk (1999) concluded that individuals residing in households earning less than $10,000 a year had a greater possibility of experiencing violence, than individuals living in wealthier households. Furthermore, in 2005 “Health Zone 1 had the highest poverty level with 26% of the population living below poverty” (Duval County Health Department, 2008, pg. 4). There is an obvious correlation between violence and economic deprivation. Now that violence has been recognized as a progressive problem, let’s look at what interventions can be implemented to decrease these abnormally high violence rates in Health Zone 1. Evidence Based Nursing Interventions Two examples of evidence based nursing interventions to address the problem of violence in Health Zone 1 are school education, and crisis intervention. For the education program, outreach services will be provided to prevent violence through a violence
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