Violence, Religion, Or Past Experiences

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Culture & violence intersect in many different situations both through direct and indirect contact. The two can be observed in multiple settings but I am going to focus on the violence that occurs within Intimate Relationships, particularly between a man and woman, and how women assume the role of the ‘submissive’ partner. I will talk about how different cultural feelings, religions and exposure to intimate partner violence can be an example of culture and violence intersecting by observing the threatening interactions in a violent relationship. This includes violence in societies such as New Zealand which is heavily frowned upon, to other parts of the world where violence is encouraged. Men & Women with different cultures and upbringings will all have a different stances on what forms of abuse is okay and not okay. When a woman is in a violent relationship, regarding physical and domestic violence, there are a number of reasons as to why she may or may not stay in the relationship. Reasons for staying may be fear, religion, or past experiences.

In different parts of the world it would be seen as a selfish for a woman or mother to go out and pursue her desired career path. Because it is expected that she should be a homemaker and raise the children as her job. These feelings can be fueled by what some societies think the correct expectations are for the role of a ‘Mother’. For a long time now there has been the misconception in many cultures that women should sacrifice
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