Violence : Sports And Its Effect On Society

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In the late 1800’s, sport began as a way to fix illness including delinquency and bad health. It was promoted and played to develop healthy habits among citizens. As sport has dramatically grown over decades, it has a developed a whole new meaning behind it depending on the level of competition it is played at. Violence in sport has unfortunately become a highlighted growing trend. When it comes to violence in sports, it brings up the underlying question as to where the aggression initially comes from and if the game of sport has a direct correlation that provides a platform to express that violence. Sport is what modern society makes it. When it comes to an individual being violent, obviously the nature of using verbal or physical actions with the intention harming another person, it communicates a strong message. Through sport, that violent message can be carried out and as a society, it is often accepted. Aggression is a big part of violence in sport. Often times, playing aggressively is something coaches look for and spectators notice. Playing aggressively can lead to violent behavior. The violent behavior can be a reflection of the social settings. As spectators, we feed of off violence in sport. It makes the game more exciting and thrilling to watch. SportsCenter or ESPN will often replay or highlight clips of games where violence was prevalent in the play because as a spectator, it can be exciting to watch. As a player, participating in the violence makes one
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