Violence Tends To Threaten The Organization Of Society.

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Violence tends to threaten the organization of society. In today’s society violence is permeated in almost every aspect of our daily lives. Violence in our society enters our homes, workplace, and schools and especially in the media. Violence is the intentional action or inaction causing physical, sexual and psychological injury, including battering, pornography, sexual assault, incest, child abuse and sexual harassment. Advertisers use sex to get our attention and they make claims about their product’s ability to make us popular, attractive and successful. In my opinion ads affect us in potentially damaging ways. The ads portray bodies, especially those of women as objects, which forces us to seeing each other in dehumanizing ways.…show more content…
In today’s society there have been many instances of workplace violence that has included physical assaults, threats, verbal abuse, beatings, stabbing, rapes, obscene phone calls and shootings. I think this is due in fact by increasing social and economic factors. At my place of employment, we have many instances of work place violence involving staff on staff, as well as inmate against staff. Working in such a volatile situation has kind of desensitized me to these acts and I have found myself needing counseling and the use of anti -depressants to just get through the workweek. Being surrounded by violence and violent individuals has a negative effect on those subjected to it on a regular basis. Many people working in this field deny that they are affected by it emotionally, however the reality of it shows in the high rates of suicide and divorce amongst correctional staff. 2. Compare psychological theories of aggression, in particular, the catharsis and social learning theories. The psychological theories of aggression are that it is shaped by the brain and also involves genetic factors. Aggression is a drive that is common to most animals and humans. It is described as an accumulating force, which needs to be released, usually in response to a specific stimulus. Aggressive behavior usually occurs because of an individual attempting to
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