Violence, Terrorism, And Violence

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There is something to marvel at the fact humans have the potential to hold the greatest amounts of compassion and peace, but yet also hold unimaginable amounts of violence. We are weary of the genre of violence as explored through war, terrorism, and torture. A new phenomenon we are in the midst of is the violence portrayed in new media, such as movies, television, and social media. This recent portrayal of violence in our society has led to drastic increases in exposure deeming such violence as normal. I will be exploring the genre of violence in regards to such over-exposure through the analysis of generic application. Recently, marketing strategies have taken to this trend to promote their products. An advertisement for the transportation company Careem, of a human slingshot gone wrong, demonstrates the problematic link between society and a de-sensitization to violence, which builds an escalation of violence into the everyday consumer culture. Violence and aggression are commonly accepted behavior today. Violence is categorized as an action or emotion that is layered with an unpleasant or destructive force. As stated, there are various ways in which violence can be portrayed. In recent times, much of the violence society is exposed to comes from new media. This can be seen in almost all aspects: news, television, movies, social media, video games, the internet, marketing, and much more. With this over exposure comes a desensitization that cannot be ignored.
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