Violence: The Double Whammy Effect

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Violence: The Double Whammy Effect Introduction______________________________________________________ Statement Of The Problem/Context I have been intwined in the cycle of violence since a very young age. Unfortunately the cycle of violence has lived up to it’s name. As a child not only was I physically and emotionally abused, I also witnessed my parents abusive marriage. Choosing to repress the events, believing that if they weren’t brought up they couldn’t hurt, allowed the cycle to continue. In hopes of escaping the violence I married and started a family of my own, only for the marriage to become abusive. I was physically, emotionally, and sexually abused;consequently, my children witnessed a significant amount of the violence. My children at times were abused for defending me. I knew deep inside the abuse was not okay, but abuse was all I knew. The cycle had come full circle. In the recent years I have broken the vicious cycle in which we have been intwined; however, it has left me with a need to understand the compound effect of child abuse and exposure to domestic violence on children. Oliva 2 Purpose and Thesis I believe that the abuse children experience and are exposed to not only have physical, psychological,
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