Violence: The Role Of Domestic Violence In The Media

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Sadly domestic violence has been very present in the media. We have seen a lot of it dealing with professional athletes. We see many of the cases happen to girlfriends, fiancées, wives and even children. We constantly are seeing a recurring theme with domestic violence and the NFL. But is the NFL really going enough work to bring an end to these athletes getting off the hook? Is the media making matters worse or shining light on a topic that is so often turned heads to? There have been 93 domestic violences cases within the NFL and four child abuse cases. After 93 now the NFL starts to take charge in this issue. The NFL has reacted poorly to domestic violence and doesn’t seem to be doing as much as they think they are. One of the most controversial stories is the Ray Rice Domestic violence case. Rice and his fiancé are out in Atlantic City when the incident occurred. Janay Palmer was hit in the face by Rice and was rendered unconscious. Ray Rice was arrested on February 15th 2014 for attempting to cause bodily injury. On February 19th…show more content…
The first comical was I think extremely effective. A women was on the phone with 911 pretending to order a pizza. This commercial hits hard because you realize how hard it is discussing domestic violence and how it can be extremely difficult to get help at times. The second commercial put out by the NFL was different football players saying No more to certain responses about domestic violence. I found this one to be not effective and pointless. I think the exact responses they were saying to domestic violence are the exact responses the NFL and Gooddell were using. `But some questions arise about these commercials, do these players even care about this cause or are they just their because the NFL asked them to be in this commercial and they are getting paid? The same to the coaches, are these coaches even speaking up to the players and trying to make a
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