Violence, Violence And Violence

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Paige Thompson Mrs. Schmeltz English 12B 13 December 2014 Violence Approached Him Like a Demised Victim; “To be or not to be” Violence has recently been an uproar in our nation and has devastated many. For instance, in Ferguson, Missouri riots were commenced following a grand jury’s decision. The city is now destroyed due to violent actions of the community and others. Another ideal example would be in New York where an innocent black man was held in a choke hold and stated repeatedly, “I can’t breathe.” These two incidents relate to violence in every which way possible. Violence can be defined as “Behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or to kill someone or something.”, according to Oxford Dictionaries. When most individuals deliberate about violence, abuse and brawls mainly occupy their minds. In today 's society though, brutality occurs each and every day in different forms. It could be: abuse, fights, neglect, and it may even be bullying using violence in each and every category mentioned above. Violence can tremendously demolish one 's future, family, and friends. Plenty of people would agree “Nothing good ever comes of violence”-Martin Luther King Jr. Violence can cause an individual or even a countless number of people to be in a life or death situation. Although violence may occur in reality, it may also take place in stories and or plays like The Tragedy of Hamlet and Hamlet’s Dull Revenge. In the play, The Tragedy of Hamlet a number of

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