Essay about Violence and Christianity

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Violence and Christianity ‘If a Christian loved his neighbour he would not fight.’

There are many arguments agreeing and disagreeing with this statement.

The bible teaches Christians that they should not fight. An example of this is “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” This is telling Christians that they should love everyone and not fight them. Another biblical teaching is “If someone strikes you on
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This is an example that some Christians follow. They choose to follow Jesus and the example that he gave.

There are other Christians that believe that under certain circumstances war is eligible. One of these circumstances is if the war is a Holy War. When people fight a Holy War they believe that they have God on their side. An example of a Holy War is the Crusade. This was between the Christians and the Muslims fighting for the Holy Land-Palestine. This is different from Pacifism as this type of Christian believes that a certain type of war is acceptable- although it is the last resort.

Another type of war that some Christians find acceptable is a Just war. There are seven criteria that a war must pass to be known as a just war. These seven criteria are:

-The war must be declared by the head of state.

-A just cause is required. Those attacked must deserve to be attacked.

-The reason for the war must be to advance good and not evil.

-The war must be the last resort.

-There must be a good chance of
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