Essay on Violence and Cruelty in Wuthering Heights

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"His violence and cruelty seemed too demonic for many readers..."
Does the modern reader share this view of Heathcliff?

Author of Wuthering Heights, Emily Brontë, was born in Thornton,
Yorkshire on 30 July 1818. She was born the fifth of six children and died at the age of thirty from consumption. The Brontë children had a love for creating stories and small books, but it was sisters
Charlotte, Emily and Anne who embarked on writing their own novels.
They published their work under the names of Currer, Ellis and Acton
Bell, not willing to declare themselves as female authors because of the sheer intensity of passion contained in their novels, which would not have been considered at all feminine at the time. It was beyond
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Mr Earnshaw brings Heathcliff to the Heights when he is still but a boy of about fourteen. Mr Earnshaw finds him starving and homeless in streets of Liverpool, takes pity and returns home with the boy. Cathy immediately shows affection to the stranger but Hindley draws away from him, and instead tortures and scorns him. When Brontë composed her book, the English economy was severely depressed and the conditions of the factory workers in industrial areas like Liverpool were appalling. Many of the more affluent members of society showed sympathy to these workers, just as Mr Earnshaw may have shown sympathy towards poor Heathcliff. The reader, modern or Victorian, can also therefore immediately sympathise with Heathcliff as a weak, powerless child; defenceless to Hindley's brutality towards him and when Mr
Earnshaw's health fails him Hindley spitefully degrades Heathcliff, banishing him to the stables, away from the house.

However Cathy and Heathcliff still grow closer. They are both wild and free-spirited, born to run out on the moors together. "They both promised to grow up as rude savages... One of their chief amusements was to run away to the moors in the morning and remain there all day."
They become inseparable.

One day Nelly and Cathy are talking together and Cathy tells Nelly that Edgar has asked her to marry him. Even though Cathy knows she doesn't love Edgar for he is but only for

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