Violence and Its Effect on the Community

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Violence and its Effect on the Community
Charlotte Anderson-Brown
Axia College of University of Phoenix

Violence and its Effect on the Community

Violence in the community has become a major issue. While due to law enforcement agencies, community education and crime watch violence can be circumvented; violence directly and indirectly affects how we live our lives. Let’s us first examine what violence is. Violence is a physical action, which takes place once a person becomes upset to a point of being furious, which then leads to another person becoming injured. The possible causes of violence could be sociological, biological or psychological. Violence in the form of bullying, gangs, the use of weapons, domestic and any
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Juveniles are defined as persons under age 18. Adults are defined as persons age 18 or older. In 1987 drug arrests were 7.4% of the total of all arrests reported to the FBI; by 2007, drug arrests had risen to 13.0% of all arrests. (Bureau of Justice Statistics, 1988)

Violence takes a toll on everyone and can cause a strain on not only a person’s mental health, but their physical health, also. Because nothing ever seems to get done for the prevention of violence, those in communities affected become tired and weary, putting a strain on their health, due to the stress of this violence. There is an increase of paying taxes, stemming from vandalism of neighborhoods, stealing from homes and stores. Because of this, more law enforcement officers or guards have to be brought in to assist in the prevention of crime. There are those who lose hope, because no matter how much they try to create a better environment, nothing seems work. On the other hand, there are those who have hope and will do anything in their power to assist in the fight against violence. No one is exempt from a world of crime. When at home, anyone stands a chance of being invaded by someone looking for food, money or something he or she can easily take to pawn for money. In the schools, computers are stolen for cash, along with food being taken from the students. This can cause a strain on the school’s budget when they have to replace what has been
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