Violence and Sex in Advertising

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Violence and Sex in advertising is a controversial issue in American society. Some think that this type of advertising is not an issue while others believe it can be a major issue. While most people know what violence and sex in advertising contain, I believe it’s important to define what it really is. Violence and Sex in advertising can be defined as any advertisement that depicts some type of nudity whether is be partial or complete while also insinuating some type of violence. Although sex in advertising has been around for decades, have the advertisers gone to far by incorporating violence into the ads?
As we know sex is portrayed in almost all advertisements, whether it be from toilet paper to
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In the study, university students with the median age of 23, watched television programs that contained violence and sex. Within each program there were 4 violent, 4 sex, and 4 neutral advertisements. What this studied showed was that programs containing violence and or sex did not reduce the viewer’s likelihood of remembering the product advertised or their interest to buy that particular brand. It also showed that sexual or violent content in the commercials themselves increased the recall for those commercials. Which lead Fergusons et al to conclude that violent or sexual programs may attract viewer’s attention and advertisements that also contain sexual or violent content improves memory for those products. In Malamuth and Briere’s study, "Sexual violence in the media: Indirect effects on aggression against women", they discuss the indirect affects of the media’s sexual violence on aggression against women. The study shows that there are both cultural and individual factors that will affect some people’s thought process and ultimately their responses that may lead to aggression or other violent behavior. There were 2 central components in this research. The first component was the role of cultural and individual factors that cause intermediate responses
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