Violence and The Views of Malcolm X

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“Peace cannot be achieved through violence, it can only be attained through understanding”. One of my favorite quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson, the leading figure in the transcendentalism. Going by what the quote states, one can ask what role does violence even play in life? More specifically what role did it play in the Civil Rights struggle in the South? It’s evident that violence’s purpose in the struggle wasn’t for peace but for something else. Well that’s what it was for Malcolm X, a center figure in the Civil Rights struggle. For Malcolm X, violence was more of a response that anything else. It was a form of self-defense that he could no longer avoid. For Martin Luther King Jr. another center figure just like Malcolm X, violence was something else. For him violence was unnecessary. Violence in the Civil Rights struggle was inevitable for some not only because the segregationist whites were using such methods to assault the black people as well as their homes, but also at that time nonviolence was just another philosophy that some did and others didn’t. Even so violence did play an important role in this movement. Not the violence used by the blacks but instead the methods of violence used by the whites. Malcom X wasn’t necessarily for violence. He wanted freedom and equality over all else just as any other Civil Rights leader. He believed that self-defense, the protection of one’s person and or property though the use of physical force, was the only form of violence
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