Violence at School: Will It Ever End?

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Violence At School: Will It Ever End? Introduction: Despite the recent surge of catastrophes in our nation, violence is not a new issue. Violent occurrences such as shootings, bombings, and other terroristic events are things that have been happening for hundreds, or maybe even thousands of years. One aspect of these tragedies that seems to be the most terrible of all is violence in the school setting. Even this type of violence is not a new occurrence. School shootings and other violent acts of that nature have been occurring in the school setting for decades. However, it wasn’t until recently that these issues have been such a front-runner in the public spotlight. The three most well-known acts of school violence to date are the…show more content…
Educators also have received certain training and materials to prepare them for exactly this type of situation, including disaster training and various disaster kits in the classroom. Fast (2008) clearly believes that violence can most easily be obstructed in the prevention phase, before it actually begins. Police at School: A Brief History and Current Status of School Resource Officers This article is one that discusses much more obvious and much less theoretical approach for handling violence in schools. Police at School discusses the option of school systems hiring School Resource Officers (SROs) to help manage the behavior of students while at school. Like the aforementioned book, this article discusses a fairly newly implemented resource whose main purpose is to keep violence out of the school system in the first place. Weiler and Cray (2010) mention that School Resource Officers have been in elementary, middle, and high schools since the mid- 1950’s. However, they did not truly gain the popularity that they have now until the mid- 1990’s after a series of school shootings. Because of these acts of violence, students, parents, and even staff at schools nationwide began to feel unsafe. Weiler and Cray (2010) report that after the implementation of this program nearly two decades ago, people finally feel safe once more. The article defines School Resource Officers as certified peace officers employed by the
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