Violence in Advertising: Are They Selling Rape and Violence Against Women?

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Advertising is one of the most popular ways to promote a product. Through advertisement the creators of these products can make millions of dollars, depending on how successful their advertisements are. But are the advertisement selling a product that will help them or are they selling violence and sex? Many ads can influence people in different ways. One of these ways is to show women as objects of rape and sexual abuse. In, “Two Ways a Woman Can Get Hurt” Kilbourne talks about how many ads use women and portray them only as sexual beings. Some of these ads can influence violence against women. Kilbourne described violence in ads, “as in pornography, usually power over another, either by physical dominance.” (269). The Dolce & Gabbana…show more content…
The ad is in the colors of grey and white in what it looks to be an isolated bathroom or showers. The floors look dirty as if no one been there for a long time. In this ad there are three young adult women and three young adult men. It can be assumed by the ways these ladies and men were dressed it was summer. The ladies are dressed in white, one of them having a laced dress with a flower near the shoulder. The other lady is laying on the floor with a sleeveless blouse and along with mini skirt. The other lady is against the wall and is wearing very short pants and a blouse that is half see through. Two of the young men are only wearing white jeans without a shirt, the other man is wearing a white blazer over his shoulders, blue jeans and sneakers. Dolce & Gabbana are selling their summer clothes collection. At least that is what a person will expect just passing through the pages of a magazine. For another person that is looking at the subliminal message could find the ad as promoting violence against women. In the Dolce and Gabbana ad there are six individuals in what may be a bathroom, and it can be assumed that these three ladies are friends and decided to go out on a beautiful summer day, by the way they were dressed. They were probably in Europe or Italy by the antique appearance of the water faucet most likely in a public showers. It is kind of obvious that these girls were in need of
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