Violence in America Essay examples

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Violence in America

America is a violent nation. Many people think that America is full of freedom and democracy. Do these people actually see what happens in America? Do they see the violence in schools, the crime in our society? Most likely, no, these people have loosely seen our society, the violence and the frauds that plague America's history as well as the present. The short essay Violence in America demonstrates all violence in this country. Teddy Bears show how the public feels about guns and how they are used.

In the Teddy Bears poster, guns are displayed as objects that are not regulated by laws. The toys are tested for hazardous parts, sharp edges, and anything else that would harm
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In the early 1800's, when many immigrants came over from other countries, violence against the natives increased dramatically. America being the young nation it was could not deal with the violence in the nation. The author states "Justice often meant "frontier justice", in which groups of the local citizenry took the law into their own hands: hanging horse thieves, or riding undesirables out of town were among the ways early criminal sentencing was handled" (Moser, Watters p 481).

Following the Civil War, many whites started organizations such as the Ku Klux Klan, Bald Knobbers, and the White Cappers. These organizations mainly targeted guiltless blacks, and on occasion, other minorities. Lynching was commonly used to kill the blacks. About 3,209 blacks fell victims of these hate crimes during the years 1889 to 1918 by these organizations. Many minorities that worked at the factories, as well as the majorities, started many riots, boycotts and other forms of strikes to accomplish the goals they set out to achieve. Often the government would react violently to these people with brutality.

Cities and jobs are not the only place where violence occurs. Homes and schools are no longer safe places to be. An increasing number of students are bringing weapons to schools so they can feel safe, or they plan to use them for ill purposes.
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