Violence in Contact Sports Essay

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THESIS: Contact sports have been here since the medieval times. Soccer was also already being put into sport use by china in the dynasties. Implied, players on both teams have agreed to be hit, pushed, shoved, and possibly fought. What can be used for considering when or where a player crosses the line? Using examples from previous court cases, we will examine how players in the NHL could be charged when excessive force against other players in the opposite team come into play. Having hockey being used for an example, we will examine and look at the rules of the NHL, as well as how Todd Bertuzzi from the Vancouver Canucks stepped over the line, and was charged with assault.
The National Hockey League (NHL for short) was founded on
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“Penalty” calls on the other hand, calls for more serious infractions, like putting the player “in the box”, and creating power plays for example. The 2004–05 lockouts of the NHL (lasting 310 days, this was originally the 88th season of the NHL) changed some rules of the league with the offense. It started with the minor offense: “offside”. The offside pass or two-line pass rule was removed; requiring a stoppage in play if a pass originating from the defensive team was completed on the offensive side of the center line. Reinstating the tag-up offside, this advantage allows an attacking player to get back onside by returning to the neutral zone. Changes to the offside rule were intended to increase overall scoring. Another minor offense is the icing call. A linesman gets stopped in play if a defending player (other than the goalie himself) touches the puck before an attacking player does. As a result, when a team is called on the offense of icing, they are not allowed to make a line change before the following faceoff. Fighting (doesn’t happen often), is called in penalties as well, both players have the duration of five minutes. Usually, a penalized team cannot replace a player that is penalized on the ice shorthanded for the duration of the penalty. But, if the penalties are coincidental, when two players fight for example, both teams remain at full strength. Unlike minor penalties, major penalties must be

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