Violence in Hockey

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Hockey has always been known to be a physical sport; it is full of body checks, hits from behind, sometimes the misuse of the hockey stick, and even fights. Now all off these are deemed acceptable by hockey fans to a certain extent. When a player swings his stick at another player and an injury occurs to the opposing man the instigator can usually expect to be penalized for a short amount of time, maybe even a suspension from the team for a few games. But when does this violent act on the ice become a criminal offence? Does it take for the recipient to break his neck, or maybe even loose his vision for us to take a serious look at what happened and realize that this is not what we are looking to watch when we sit down to watch a game.…show more content…
The fact of the matter is the player intended on injuring his opponent when he shouldn't because that is not in the job description. They need to hammer this into the athletes' heads, even if you are doing it to protect another teammate, retaliation cannot be stood for no matter what. When you step on the rink you should only have one thing on your mind and that is to win. There is no reason for anyone in any professional sport to go onto the playing surface with intention to injure someone else out there. They do not get paid to hurt people they get paid to play the game just like teachers get paid to teach. When the players drop the gloves they do that knowing they are subjected to injury, however that is a part of the game that is against the rules and could result in an injury but both players are aware of what is going on. A sucker punch or a stick over the head only has one of the players aware of what is happening and leaves the other one subjected to major injuries.

Stick swinging seems to be one of the favoured ‘cheap' shots in the hockey. There are many reoccurring happenings of this offence and it needs to be stopped. It happens more then we hear about because we only hear about the major ones where the receiving player obtains a mild injury. The normal penalty for stick swinging is a minor suspension but no legal action is taking place for these minor offences. In order to cut down on these things need to be done.

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