Violence in Palestine and Israel

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Since 1920 about 115,000 people have been killed as a directed effect of the violence in Palestine and Israel. The One State Solution would only work if both sides committed to a democracy, separation of state and religion and an end to violence because without this the states would have the same problems and not have peace.

Right now democracy in Palestine is at a stand still. With elections that have not happened since 2006 the system is not working at its full potential. The leader of the PLO, Mahmoud Abbas, has been in a power for 78 years. Mahmoud Abbas, the highly unpopular president, term has expired many years ago but will not step down. In 2006, the Hamas won the elections but were rejected by the West and so the Fatah stayed in power leading to the spilt of the two party’s. Hamas controls the Gaza Strip and Fatah the rest. In Israel there government is close to that of democracy. The government has a legislative authority and an executive authority. The executive authority is headed by the Prime Minster and is elected by the people for a four-year term. The legislative authority is made up of 120 members that are nation wide elections for a four-year term. Israel already has a government that is set up and is in working conduction. The one state solution would have these two governments come together as one. It would help Palestine’s political party’s get back on the right track. With one state solution the 120 people in the legislative authority could be
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