Violence in Prisons

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There are many reasons a person would not want to go to prison. One of the main reasons is the violence, and this violence occurs in every prison around the world. Violence can be attributed to rape, overcrowding, gangs and to the particular justice systems. These justice systems include such countries as Brazil where violent episodes that include beheadings have occurred. Much of the prison crisis has been blamed on delays in the country’s legal system. This is because of how inmates receive extended sentences and poor prison management. (Romero, 2014) Thailand has extreme violence in their prisons especially Bang Kwang prison. Due to much of the rules within the prison culture, not only violence becomes prevalent but also the…show more content…
The American Correctional Association (ACA) creates standards for accreditation of the institution to comply with national standards. In order to be eligible for accreditation the correctional institution must hold at least one of the following: (ACA, 2012) • Pretrial or presentenced adult or juveniles; • Convicted adults or juveniles adjudicated delinquent; and /or • Adult or juvenile offenders sentenced to community supervision. The accredited institutions benefit by (1) important assessments of the facility’s strengths and weaknesses, (2) understanding the facility’s obtainable goals, (3) implementing important policies and procedures, (4) written guidelines involving daily operational procedures for inmates and staff, (5) community support regarding the institution and its policies, (6) exhibition of professionalism, morale for staff and corrections officers. (ACA, 2012, pp. 6, paragraph iv. policies and procedures) Many institutions within the United States seek accredited status in order to protect the facility and to perform at the highest level possible. By following these stipulations provided by the ACA, indemnifies the facility from violations of human rights, frivolous lawsuits, riots, and poor prison conditions. The Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) is responsible for the care and custody of more than
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