Violence in Public Schools Essay

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The word violence is defined as, “an intense, turbulent or furious and often destructive action, force or exertion of physical strength so as to injure or abuse” (Webster 1316). Associating that term with the safety of our children within a public school setting will bring about an immediate reaction to discover what is root of the problem and what, as a society, can we do to prevent this behavior in the future. Violence in public schools is a growing concern for parents, teachers, faculty and the students themselves; therefore, becoming aware of a child’s temperament and aggressive conduct is vital in the prevention of violent behavior in the public school system.

Although violence is the most exaggerated form of abuse within schools
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One would also have to consider the amount of children who are bullied but not willing to admit to parents or faculty for fear of embarrassment which could possible make the numbers even more skewed. By and large there is a growing problem with violence in our public school system however, bullying is one issue associated with that steady increase; however, becoming aware of the warning signs is essential in fully understanding the extensive problems these school children are facing.

Warning Signs of Potentially Violent Children

Violent incidents and threats of violence at school negatively affect students, school staff and the educational process; therefore, fear and feelings of being unsafe cause students to miss school and participate less in class (Hamburg 2). If staff, faculty, parents and other peers become aware of the major warning signs to potentially violent students and children, the community, school and neighborhood will be a safer place for everyone.

There are several highly important key factors in determining a child’s mental stability and aggressive tendencies. Although any of these signs alone or coupled together can present evidence of a disturbed child, the intent is to notice the behavior early and seek help where it is necessary. One warning signs to look for is the constant drawing or writing of violent images and messages. Violent students often indicate their intentions before acting them out through fantasy

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