Violence in Television, Movies, and Video Games Should Not Be Censored

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VIOLENCE IN TELEVISION, MOVIES, AND VIDEO GAMES SHOULD NOT BE CENSORED Television, movies, and video games have a great influence on the minds of today's youth. But, what exactly are the effects of such an influence? Certain people have exaggerated the effects that these media have on today's youth. Many people, including government officials, have singled out these three media sources as the cause of some types of violence simply because it is an easy target for laying the blame. The truth is that television, movies, and video games are nowhere near the actual causes for acts of violence and other crimes. Studies on the issue are, at best, inconclusive on the issue. Many people believe that television, movies, and video games are the…show more content…
Therefore, they learn while playing. My belief is that people will single out violence on television, movies, and video games as an explanation for youth committing violent crimes simply because it is the easiest, simplest explanation. We can already see problems arising because of these wrongful assumptions. Television programming has begun putting rating classifications on the show before it begins and there are plans of implementing a chip into televisions to make the screen go completely black when violent imagery is being broadcast. Video games are getting censored and have already begun using rating classifications as a result of pressure from the American congress. In fact, the viewing of violent images does not correlate with violent crime statistics. Japan is the only country that watches more television than Americans do, yet in America you are six times more likely to be burglarized, ten times more likely to be murdered and 208 times more likely to be robbed. People don't want to admit that the reason may be part of society's ills. It may be a result of a youth growing up in a violent family, or simply having a troubled childhood. Although the violence in these three media sources may help instigate a violent act, it is never the only cause. A person does not go from being a perfectly adapted member of society, watch a
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