Violence in Todays Society

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Lisa M. Allen Enc 1101 September 14, 2008 Today’s Violence and Its Many Causes Violence in today’s society is at an all time high. There are many causes for the increase in violence in our society. Violence is defined by (1) criminal law, the illegal use of unjustified force, or the intimidating effect created by the threat of this (2) the use of physical force to injure somebody or damage something (Encarta Dictionary: English – North American Version). Rape, homicide, assault and burglary with a weapon are all forms of malicious legal violence that plague our communities in irrevocable ways. In fact violence in the form of homicide is the second leading cause in youth ages fifteen to twenty-four, third leading cause in ages…show more content…
, PhD, MS, CAP, CAPP, Director of Operations - Sutton Place Behavioral Health. Powerpoint Presentation. Florida Statewide Prevention Conference 2007). Since the 1950s, thousands of studies have been done on the effects of violence in television and movies. The majority of these studies conclude that: children who watch significant amounts of television and movie violence are more likely to exhibit aggressive behavior, attitudes and values (Illinois Center for Violence Prevention. Media and The Changing World Report. May 2005. Page 12). Per the Congressional Public Health Summit, 2000, young children 1.) are more easily impressionable 2.) have a harder time distinguishing between fantasy and reality 3.) cannot easily discern motives for violence and 4.) learn by observing and imitating. Finally there are plenty of studies going on right now researching how violent video games can cause people to have more aggressive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors; and decrease empathetic, helpful behaviors with peers. With the over stimulation of the brain, it requires children to go above and beyond the last experience in order to feel the same endorphins. With the need to out do the next guy and with the motto “if it bleeds, it leads”, then what do we expect for the next generation of youth to be faced with? In generation Y we are seeing a major increase in
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