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Violence in the Media Media is all around us. Everywhere we look, there is someone, somewhere trying to communicate his or her thoughts to us. And with the new technologies in media, this message is stronger than ever. Almost every home in America has a television or radio in it. The messages that are portrayed through these mediums are unmistakable; buy me, listen to me, think what I think. With all of these messages spinning around there are bound to be some bad seeds. Violence has become an important issue, something that has become almost part of our daily lives. So often we lose sight of just how serious violent messages in media can affect our daily lives. Violence in the media has become so much more accepted in the…show more content…
This sometimes has news teams going to extreme measures to capture the most graphic footage. The viewers like the most graphic footage, so news teams are always trying to get it. The cyclecreates the news to be very violent and sometimes too violent or graphic for television. Studies have shown that young children are often exposed to the violence of the real world through the news. By being young, the children are often with their parents and when the parents are watching the news, the children are also seeing the images. Since a child?s mind retains information, the images are perceived by the child and the child then becomes desensitized and is accepting of violent material. When the children grow up, they are already very accustom to violence, and so very graphic images to not Affect them. With society creating the news, and also watching the news, the cycle is made. The people watch and want the most specific detail of the story and the news teams do everything they can to give that to the viewers. Without the viewers there would be no audience and therefore people would just be unaware of what goes on in the world. This is why the news is important. The violence in today?s world is what people see because that is what goes on. Violence in Children?s Shows Violence in the media

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