Essay about Violence on Television and Children,

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Violence is an everyday occurrence in our society. It affects adults and children but it has a greater impact on children. Children are more moldable and are greatly influenced by things they see and hear. More and more violence is becoming prevalent in daily lives. Children all over the world are becoming victims to the same violent acts they witness on TV and at home. Children fall victim to abuse and neglect at home and at school. Children are bombarded with violence from all angles. With the come of the 21st century violence is fueled by money, racism, drugs, and media. The easiest to change and regulate is media violence. You cannot turn on the news without hearing about a murder, rape, or death. Television shows and movies are…show more content…
Also being a five year old, you have a wild imagination. With this imagination you pretend to be a cop killing bad guys, or a bank robber. Kids get these ideas from watching TV. Stated by Gerbner in a study on children’s programs, “Children's programs featured 18.6 violent acts per hour a decade ago and now have about 26.4 violent acts each hour “(Gerbner, 1990). To cut down on these acts police and superheroes could resolve it with words instead of violence. Doing this would help with conflict in school, instead of getting into a fight kids will solve their differences with more civil ways. Another facet to cut down on violent media is to regulate what kind of commercials are aired during kid based shows. The purpose of a movie trailer is to get people to see the movie, what good is advertising Terminator, James Bond, and Friday the 13th on Nick Jr and PBS. Some people are against regulating any kind of TV stating that it is censorship and that media violence is freedom of speech. As stated by a New York teacher, “Restricting violence in children's programming should not be considered censorship, any more than is protecting children from exposure to pornography (Carlsson-Paige & Levin, 1990). The next up and coming facet of media violence is video games. Video Games have revolutionized personal media entertainment. Video games allow anyone to be a World War II soldier or a racecar driver. In
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