Violent And Non-Violent Action Dbq

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Between 1787 and 1877, violent and non-violent action both had an effect in changing the American society. During 1787 to 1816, violent actions were proved to be more useful in enacting changes. On the other hand, violence did not proof its usefulness in helping the advancement of society during Reconstruction period from 1861 to 1877. In Early Republic when the country was unstable because of internal and external conflicts, violent actions were necessary and had the upper hand in succeeding in building the nation. On the other hand, during Reconstruction, unity was the main goal of the process in which violent actions held very little positive effects to aid the purpose. In different period of times, violent and non-violent actions had different,…show more content…
The Bill of Rights had a major impact as a new constitution was set throughout the country. As a non-violent action, the constitution convention had put together a new system for American government( Pohel, 2014). Unlike the previous rebellious actions I had discussed above, the Bill of Rights was a result of a peaceful conference that changed America. The shift of power from the states government to the National government was a significant change as Americans worried that the National Government was going to end up like the British, which overly abused their power that turned the country into tyrannic society. To make the people worry less about the problem, the Bill of Rights prohibited the National government from disregarding people’s right. This made the majority of people changed their mind into supporting the Constitution. In a longer term, the Bill of Rights reminded the government the importance of people’s rights and how they should never be neglected. Despite the influences of the Bill of Rights, violent actions were still did a better job in helping the country to grow. The War of 1812 represented a strong statement made by the United States to show…show more content…
However, violent actions were not the best option to stabilize the society, as the brutality would cause more damages that slowed down the development. In Early Republic times, foreign invasions and internal conflicts had to be deal with in violent actions. With citizens’ rights being taken for granted, rebellions could raise aware to the problems in the society when they were fighting for their rights. Even without succeeding, it pushed the society forward by revealing the problems. Despite the importance of people’s right, when they were unreasonable and counter-constitution, they should not be allowed. Aggressive reactions like how the KKK threatened the lives of the republican were not what the chance people were looking for. Peaceful treaties and laws were needed to confront people from the civil war, as aids and subsidies from the government provided former slaves basic human rights that they were should enjoy. The Thirteenth Amendment was the key that abolished slaves and announced liberty in the country. Its influences to the society were retainable until today when the history of the United States was changed from that point. According to different times in life, different methods should be used appropriately. A wrong or invalid of action could lead to serious

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