Violent Crimes : A Violent Crime

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Brian McMahon
Analysis of Violent Crimes
Prof. Angela Madden

Abstract Violent crimes happen every day in America, yet the full scope of why and how they happen are not understood by many outside of law enforcement. But within the ranks of law enforcement and the criminal justice system itself, violent crimes are examined and analyzed at length to determine both how and why the incident occurred, as well as what can be done in the future to prevent a similar event from reoccurring. Investigators use multiple methods and seek various explanations as to why a violent crime occurs. This literature will look at some of those things that investigators try to sort out in the aftermath of a violent crime, such as the killer’s modus operandi and signatures, his psychology, relation to his victims, and how the effect of gender, race, or culture might impact his violent behavior.
July 7, 2016 was already an unusual day and night for the officers of the Dallas Police Department in Texas. Dallas, like more than a dozen other major cities in the U.S., was home to a massive Black Lives Matter protest to denounce the shooting of two unarmed black men by police. Officers were having to deal with enormous crowds, heckling, and mid-summer heat. They had no way of knowing what was to come next. A lone wolf, with an extreme hatred of police officers, was about to inflict the worst casualty rate on a police force since the September 11th terrorist…

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