Violent Crimes Involving Youths

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Violent Crimes Involving Youths Violent crimes involving youths are on the rise. This type of violence is worsening and if something is not done to reduce the number of violent crimes, future generations will be affected and they will become desensitized to criminal activity and behavior. Presently, violent crimes that involve youths are a result of the environment, economy, society, and culture. Environmental factors affect how youths grow up and influence their behavioral, psychological, and emotional developments during their adolescence. It is during this time that youths begin to adopt certain behaviors and experiment. For instance, if youths grow up in a community where violence and crime are rampant then this environmental factor may encourage them to engage in violent or criminal behavior. Many parents look to avoid environments where crime and violence are present because they believe that an environment and community are major factors that influence how youths develop during their childhood and adolescence. Additionally, the economy is also a major factor in influencing adolescent behavior. Recently, the economy has been suffering which may make youths feel frustrated and hopeless. Many youths are suffering from the effects of economic downturn due to families struggling to meet their needs. In other instances, a family may be separated due to divorce or other issue and the children may suffer from a lack of attention, discipline, or guidance from their
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