Violent Games And Video Games

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Every child is born innocent; it is the way a child grows up that causes them to act violently in some situations. Every child is innocent until they are exposed to all the harmful and dangerous that everyone lives with. There are many factors that can destroy a child's life; growing up watching violent movies, playing violent games, living with a violent family, and being peer pressured are some of the many factors that are increasing the amount of violence among children. Playing games and watching movies are both entertaining. However, many parents gift their children gaming consoles, but don’t think of the dangerous things that will be affected by them playing violent games. Violent games and movies give children ideas to do the unthinkable. According to a New York Times Article, teenagers who often attack public sites have one thing in common: they are all video games fanatic (Carey). As a result of playing games, they gain the influence to harm people through games. Social scientists are currently studying the increased violence in kids, and video games are being studied closely since they are increasingly becoming bloodier and more realistic. Violent movies are no different either; they teach teens how to deal with things the wrong way. Movies and games have ratings for a reason, children need to watch movies or play games that are appropriate for their age. A child's home should be a place where they feel safe from the world, but 40 percent of American children were
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